Make yourself up, be happy, we live in an amazing time!

It is true, it looks like everything is going to be bad. The righteous man are wiped off the earth and the wicked rule. How can we be happy? We feel like we are ‘on the rivers of Babylon’. True christians are starving along with faithful Jews in this devastating times for us. It seems like there is no future. But the opposite is true. There is future, certainly, the best you can think of! Let your complains behind and open your eyes!

  • for thousands of years Israel was exiled, now they are back in their land
  • God is restoring Israel because of his covenant made up with them
  • There are also many prayers from martyrs for the Christian community, God will restore them too.
  • Although great wars happened, Israel prospers
  • Although Israel is in trouble right now, God is going to deliver them
  • I seems like War, but we are heading Peace!
  • Because no Obama, Putin, or ISIS prevails, but the True King has prevailed and will show Himself King soon
  • There will come a time of peace, like thousands years.
  • Where’s the dead? Children of God will live!
  • No nuclear disaster, no Islam, even no Christianity or Judaism, but there will be One Name we will serve.

The Great Day where so many prophets and disciples spoke about, will come! Thrust Him Who has all the power and is already King over the world. He will comfort those who abide Him! HalleluJah!




One Response to “Make yourself up, be happy, we live in an amazing time!”

  1. Judah Gabriel Himango Says:


    Even though things look bad, and much evil is in the world, the disciples of Yeshua have a reason to be joyful. The reason is this: the King of all kings has won, the Satan has been thrown down from heaven to earth. So while Satan reigns here a little longer, we can see the light coming through.

    Throwing away spiritual buzzwords for a moment, this means the Messiah will soon reign as king over Israel, all nations will be in submission to him, all nations will belong to him, we’ll have peace, justice will be carried out, rewarding the good and punishing the people that worked evil. The great demonic rage against Jews and the disciples of Yeshua that exists today and for the last 2 millenia will be turned on its own head and shown for the evil that it is. God will set things straight.

    And what’s great is, we see bits of this, evidence of these promises, today in the real world. The restoration of the land of Israel, the end of the Jewish exile, the restoration of a love for Torah — these are just a few evidences that point to the final restoration coming. Hallelu!

    That is something for us to be joyful about.

    An early shabbat shalom. (And may it be a joyful one for you, Jos!)

    p.s. I’m a longtime follower of your blog, subscribed via RSS for several years. I lurk and rarely comment, but I wanted to say, thank you for your service to God and to the Messianic community through this blog.

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