Time for the Messiah

The Dutch poet Willem Bilderdijk said it already in the year 1830 or so: First there will be a time that all powers will cease, then it’s time for the Messiah.

I came across this book, The End of Power, the favorite book of 2015 of Mark Zuckerberg. Overlooking the subjects I remembered the words of Bilderdijk. I often remember that words. There’s something true about it.waning

When the Twin Towers collapsed I thought this will be the last great power that will cease: the power of money. And it was and is ceasing. It is not the economic power what will rule anymore. Other problems are rising and states are drawn to adjust the value of money to keep the economic engine work. And to keep people binded to work. Something like modern slavery; uphold some debt in order to keep people in business and playing with desires. It’s not the money that rules.

We all are drawn back to our very selves. We got the choice. It’s time for the Messiah. It’s time for teshuvah. It’s time to choose the King.


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