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Light in the darkest time

December 13, 2016

I’m sad about the circumstances of our time. But in these sadness I’m happy too. In the darkness is light going to come.

Chanukkah is about to come. The feast of the light. Christmas also, the lights are all around us. Chanukkah was born in the 9th (biblical) month, a month of fasting and praying. There the miracle happened.

I hope this miracle will happen to us too. We desperately are in need of.

I’m thinking about those people in Syria. They are butchered. This is an example of our age. Where are we become? No one of Europe or America is helping. Their corrupt policies made by those dark lefties who called themselves enlightened, made it impossible to help without entering into another war. And the only country that helps is Russia, completely neglected in Western media. How bad is everything gone. Western people from the old times of christianity… now completely gone astray.

We need light. The world needs light. Common layman are starving from spiritual power due to left anti christian policy makers who want to destroy everything christian.

And God is hiding his face because the amount of sin has become full. But He is also hiding because he will reveal Himself to spread light at the greatest dawn ever!

I’m just looking forward my friends. Great times are coming! When our true King comes on stage!

Baruch Haba

“To open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.” (Is.42:7)


Make yourself up, be happy, we live in an amazing time!

February 12, 2015

It is true, it looks like everything is going to be bad. The righteous man are wiped off the earth and the wicked rule. How can we be happy? We feel like we are ‘on the rivers of Babylon’. True christians are starving along with faithful Jews in this devastating times for us. It seems like there is no future. But the opposite is true. There is future, certainly, the best you can think of! Let your complains behind and open your eyes!

  • for thousands of years Israel was exiled, now they are back in their land
  • God is restoring Israel because of his covenant made up with them
  • There are also many prayers from martyrs for the Christian community, God will restore them too.
  • Although great wars happened, Israel prospers
  • Although Israel is in trouble right now, God is going to deliver them
  • I seems like War, but we are heading Peace!
  • Because no Obama, Putin, or ISIS prevails, but the True King has prevailed and will show Himself King soon
  • There will come a time of peace, like thousands years.
  • Where’s the dead? Children of God will live!
  • No nuclear disaster, no Islam, even no Christianity or Judaism, but there will be One Name we will serve.

The Great Day where so many prophets and disciples spoke about, will come! Thrust Him Who has all the power and is already King over the world. He will comfort those who abide Him! HalleluJah!


Our Place – my new book

December 17, 2012

Finally, my new book is ready!

Our Place

Our Place as Gentiles in the community of Israel

This book is about a key text of the song of Moses, that God went to a no-people (the gentiles, Deut.32:21) what marks the beginning of the time of the gentiles. Paul fixes his view on that since he saw a great gathering of gentiles to the community of Israel. This is described in Romans 9-11.

This book is written for people who are interested in the position of Christians or Messianics related to the Jews. Don’t think it’s a finished study. I hope it will give provoking thoughts and will draw to rethink certain prophecies.

You can purchase this book here on There you can also download an eBook for free.

And here you can download a pdf-version for free. (I got it for free, you got it for free…)

Update – Now also available at:
Apple iBookstore (Free ebook) ($9,00 for paperback, 78 pages)
Barnes&Noble (Free ebook)

Please give it a try and let me know what you find of it!


July 10, 2010

I’ll share with you another thought which came into my mind as I was in the huge mountains of Swiss. We stayed in a chalet on 1100 metres on a mountain to the south of lake Geneve. That mountain was about 2000 meters high. Some mountains around us were even higher. Probably you think you don’t have to climb any higher because 1100 mtrs is high enough. My experience however is I would climb higher and higher and higher. Whenever possible I would reach the top.

Why? Why does mankind always want to reach higher? Why such a happiness when you reach the top? The only thing you can touch there is a stone. Why wasn’t I satisfactory with where I stayed? Or why didn’t I go down to the even more beautiful areas? Why go up and not go down?

I think it addresses the problem of the fallen men. We are casted out of the satisfactory circle with God. And we have a kind of an instinct to reach this satisfactory. But our eyes didn’t see the (only) way. Therefore we are labouring on earth from scientific to common workers to get what we want. This is manifest in history all the times, as e.g. the tower of Babel or the industrial revolution in the late 19the century and nowadays the quest to decipher the genetic codes. We want to get higher and higher. And when we get a bit higher, we are proud with ourselves. Poor people we are! We don’t see the power of God who gave it all. And more problematic we don’t want to get rid of our own power in order to receive the power of the kingdom of God. That’s why we struggle with life.