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Erasing Israel

January 7, 2015

A newsletter from reached me and catched my attention. Can prophecy be fulfilled in this way of wiping away Israel? Read this headlines:israel-645x250

  • HarperCollins’ map omitted Israel
  • Palestinian Authority: Denying the Jewish Temple
  • Throwing Away Jewish History
  • Israel-Free Textbooks
  • Erasing “Israeli”
  • Boycotting the Jewish state

It looks like ridicules, but it happens. Millions of people are willing to believe this nonsens. Like Israel never existed! How can it be… sigh.

But prophecy gives us hope. If this is the fulfilment of destroying Israel, then better times are right ahead of us. They shall not overcome! Israel will prosper and its boundaries will be set well. Moreover, all peoples will seek them to visit Israel, Jerusalem and its temple!

Shalom Israel! May HaSjem comfort you soon!