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M.history p.III – Missionaries

June 2, 2010

Bilderdijk didn’t advocate missionary among the Jews and Da Costa was mostly reserved. The reason was that they were aware of practices of the enlightened Christianity of their days. Bilderdijk rather saw a good Jew than half a Christian. According to his view an honest true Jew must see the Messiah Jesus. The poorness of Christianity at that time  couldn’t draw the Messiah as he is to be seen.

Capadose however pleased to work among his brothers and participated much in missionaries especially the Evangelical Alliance of the Free Scottisch Church.

In 1795, the time of the French Revolution, the London Missionary Society was founded in London. It was the beginning of a rapidly growing missionary which was doing much good work all over the world. In 1806 The London Society for promoting Christianity amongst the Jews was founded. Lewis Way became the leader in 1809. The first foreign station of the (often called) London Jews Society was founded in the Netherlands in 1818.[i] The rabbi Benjamin Nehemiah Solomon from Galicia (Poland) was the first missionary in the big Jewish community in Amsterdam. Before he attended the synagogue for thirty years with a secret conviction that Jesus was the Messiah.[ii]

In that time a growing attitude towards the Jews was being born. Among the English Puritans some discovered biblical promises for the Jews and even their land Israel. There came an encouragement to pray for them and to bring them to Christ. By doing this great blessings were expected. This was not quite new, it’s good I think to mention here Thomas Boston who argued before in one of his sermons: Encouragement to pray for the conversion of the Jews in the year 1716. “Have you any love to our Lord Jesus Christ, to the advancing of his kingdom and glory in the world? Then pray, yea, pray ear­nestly for the conversion of the Jews.” “Are you longing for a revival to the churches, now lying like dry bones, would you fain have the Spirit of life enter into them? Then pray for the Jews.“ Many like this could be quoted from this sermon. But it was until the beginning of the 19th century that a broad interest came into the conversion of the Jews.

Many societies developed as a result of the revivals of the 19th century and in Scotland the Evangelical Alliance was founded by Thomas Chalmers in 1848.[iii] Many Jews worked in this missionary e.g. Abraham Capadose and Carl Schwartz. Isaac Da Costa however didn’t feel the call to participate in this missionairy. [iv]

Abraham Capadose developed a good relationship with his Scottish friends of Israel.  He was very attracted to them in participating missionary to his Jewish brothers in Europe.[v] More on that later.

It was with the 19th century that mainly from England and Scotland missionaries brought the Christian faith to many countries. Because of the Britain colonies it was spread around the world. Probably because of that the English language became the world standard. That’s why I write English now. :-)

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