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Isaac Newton

May 26, 2010

The University of Sussex is completing a project on the Rashi of the Christian gentile world: sir Isaac Newton. A Rashi, at least in his exposition on the prophet Daniel and the book Revelations. Read the news on the US here.

Newton considered his religious writings to be the most significant field of his research.

Most of his beautiful manuscripts however remain not by the gentiles, but at the heart of the world: Jerusalem. Revealed just a few years ago to the public in a exhibition called Newton’s Secrets.

It is all re-documented and free accessible meant for scholars and the general public too at The Newton Project.

I like his thoughts about the future and I agree with many, albeit many things are hidden for me. Here’s a nice text, according to the Newton project website “Perhaps Newton’s clearest account of his views on the Last Judgment and the thousand-year reign of Christ on earth. Misunderstanding of the Biblical texts concerning these events, he argues, is the source of the false doctrine of Purgatory. Contrary to ‘received opinion’, Judgment Day will not follow the Millennium but begin with it.”

Here’s an Extract from Treatise on Revelation or you can look at this: Of the relation which the Apocalypse of John hath to the Book of the Law of Moses, and to the worship of God in the Temple.

Again a great man seems to be ignored in the past by the church due to his controversial view on certain topics. Hopefully here is a comeback. But often they (especially the church) will judge him rather than listen and to let themselves to be judged. A problematic topic in the church always is his opinion about the trinity. He was against the classic Trinitarians.

I never found such an impressing view on prophecies!