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About the Messianic Movement

February 16, 2010

I am finishing a brief history of the Messianic movement. It was very interesting to do.

There was one thing I recognized more and more. The 20th century is one of the greatest events in history. Obviously G-d is enrolling his master plan, his master purpose: redemption and eternal righteousness in the world with restored mankind. This is what the prophets spoke about: the restoration of Israel and the Gentiles.

From the ashes of the world, through such a terrible times never was before, through the loss of millions of the chosen people, through two world wars following the advances of the Western Roman/Christian world, through a deceiving of the good, a State of Israel raised up with a Control of  Yerushalayim by the remnants of the chosen ones.

Right through this century believing Jews in Yeshua took more and more distance not only from the synagogue but also from the church. Along with the establishment of the State of Israel a more independent movement was born, the Messianics. Nowadays they hang over to the synagogue. A lot of problems arise like who is a Jew, how far would we embrace Judaism etc.

But the 20th century shows that it is not about Christianity and not about Judaism. Even not about Messianic achievements.  Its all about Israel and the Gentiles. That’s what we are facing. The great restoration has yet begun and now, what would it bring us? Now when we hear His voice… (He.3:7, Ps.95:7-8)

I would put this little study, a “messianic voice”, to my local church this Friday. I wonder how they will receive it. I’m sorry, its written in Dutch.