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The struggle of my church

January 31, 2009

For decades, but most in the last years, many problems arise inside the church behaviour. I mean the orthodox (Dutch-reformed) church once in great glory, is now become a fallen entity at certain major points. Let’s take a look.

1. Due to great emphasis on the predestination with a modern (Greek thinking) mindset, responsibility has ceased. Also free will issues are not done. With the same black/white simplistic thinking, one is not allowed to make a choice. The will is bounded by Satan since man is fallen. I agree on that, but there is still a choice to make. It’s obvious in the bible that we can and have to make the choice for obeying Yeshua. Such a choice is gone, especially in the ultra orthodox wing.

2. People who had still made a choice for Yeshua, entered a strange way of gathering spiritual stones to build a status, so that they will be accepted by the community. Acceptance of the community will give them more faith. They will build up faith to gain salvation which is in certain sense based on believe in the community and their approval.

3. Once became the status of Converted, it’s all be done. Because the acceptance of the community is more worthy than direct faith which can be doubtly. In other words, they have enough. They don’t have repentance anymore because of a lost status, or because of sin etc. Their status is just good because of community.

4. Such a community which performs the two sacraments (Baptise and Lord’s Supper) are not using these sacraments as they were intent to. They where not meant for people with such a status, but far more for people who need support and guidance to come to G’d.

5. The church is based on creeds. At least she manifest with creeds. Everytime when discussions appears, the good remain and the bad is condemned. This has taken the church to a lot of smal parts. The problem is one part is restricted by a lot of rules. And tradition makes this even more narrow. Because you won’t diverge from the preferred way. The rules make the church, not faith. The result of this is that freedom of believe has become a rejection. You rather have to obey the church than G’d.