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Nostra Eatate

November 4, 2017

The Catholic Church changed their attitude towards the Jews. In the year 1960 a declaration of the Vatican came out, called: Nostra Eatate. (See Wikipedia) The declaration condemned antisemitism and rejected replacement theology. Very good!

This is completely opposed to the behaviour of (in some sense) the same Catholic church in the first centuries. They played an antisemitic and anti Judaistic role as soon as the apostles disappeared from the scene.nostraaetate_50anni

It lasted for over 50 years, but at August 31, 2017 it came to an agreement between the Rabbis and the Pope on some important issues between Christendom and Judaism. Three main bodies of Orthodox Judaism from Europe, Israel and the U.S., presented Pope Francis (who represents Christendom) with a memorable document entitled “Between Jerusalem and Rome”. (Feb-10-2016) This is the Jewish answer on Nostra Eatate, (Okt-28-1965) and the document “The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable“, (Dec.2015, 50 years after Nostra Eatate, Romans 11:29.) Here the answer of the Pope. (Aug-31-2017)

Two important things happened: The church accepted Judaism and the synagogue  accepted Christendom. This has never been so in history.

This is a great development in relationships. Not to be ignored!