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Terrorism in Europe

August 9, 2014

Demonstration, juli 24th, The Hague, NL


If we don’t stand against terrorism as we face it now in Israel and Gaza, we surely will face it in our country very soon. Several pro-Palestine demonstrations were held in the Netherlands since Hamas is fighting Israel. They compared Israel’s actions with the Holocaust and shouted dead to the Jews. Antisemitism is rising high. They also showed ISIS flags.

Against this rising antisemitism, a protest pamflet is issued and published in national newspapers by well-known Dutch persons and another one by prominent (protestant) pastors. You can do no better than act at this time and show support for the Jewish people.pamflet-nos

pamflet-rdIf a nation doesn’t do anything, or worse, condemns Israel by saying something stupid like “disproportional” reactions, soon they will be involved with terrorism itself.

This all because the God of Israel is coming to us. Period.

No nation excluded. Yes! The hand of the God of Israel is stretched out!