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The 7 noachides: fair enough

April 16, 2011

This is not only the meaning of contemporary rabbinical Judaism but also of the disciples of the Notsri Rabbi Yeshua ben Joseph, according to rabbi Jacob Emden(1697-1776) son of chacham Tzvi. The gentiles are not bound to the Torah.

Since I read this blogpost recently which shared an article of rabbi Jacob Emden, I more and more came to realize that this little saying of this rabbi can be a key for me to understand the distinction of the unique position of the Jews with respect to the Gentiles. Not all is clear for me, but that there is a difference between Jew and gentile is pretty clear. Not in terms of Grace, but in other terms.

When it comes to replacement theology many church-people would say that it has been an error, and now with just recognising Israel as something special, as “the chosen ones with the promise of conversion to Christianity”, we can go on and everything is fine. Just a reconciliation of their own faith and recent Jewish history.

But what the unique position of Israel implies to Christianity is much more than many church-people could think about. The fact is that we remain gentiles, not Jews. You can say that we are “grafted in”, and yes its true (I never can deny that because my heart agrees with it) but we are not become Jews. The apostle Paul recognized the Jewish people clearly as a different people in his letter to the Romans. The difference will end in a broad repentance of the Jewish people, the chosen ones with the benefits they have, and a great glory will begin when this beloved people will come to their God. In the Messianic era, times will change. Then we would not say Christianity or Judaism, we would say One God. (Zach.14:9) But until then Jews are separated and kept under their covenant.

Christians (a few amongst the broader common who are true and faithful) have a share in that covenant. There’s one covenant above everything and that is the so called covenant of grace. And those who have a share in it can only have it through the Messiah Jesus, as a part of the Jewish people. Becoming a part of that will mean a dying life. Dying because you are a part of Him, the despised Messiah, he who is rejected until now. You’ll share the same. Only through dead you’ll become righteous. The kingdom is not now, but after resurrection. Now we are all defiled, no man is perfect. Nice churches and great buildings have nothing to do with real Christians. No, Judgement begins at the house of God (1Pet.4:17) and Many are called but few chosen. (Matthew20:16 and 22:14) So in fact true Christians are hard to find, the majority of the Christians make not a good picture of it. It’s hard to understand but in the church are the most anti-christian powers active. That’s why it is so difficult for orthodox Jews to get the right picture of it.

A share in this grace and this new life and ultimately in the world to come, will be the same for the faithful Jew and Christian. However there’s a difference in the way they have to go and the purpose they have. The Jew has a unique covenant and halacha in which role they serve also as a keeper of the Torah, a shomer Torah. (Rom.3:2) And as gentiles: From the Jews we learn Torah, from them we have the Messiah, from them we have grace.

As we enter that share in Torah, grace and salvation, we have a share in their benefits as there are the adoption to be a child of God, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the Torah, and the service of God, and the promises. (Rom.9:4) But it is never said (by Jesus and the apostles) that the gentiles are obligated to keep the 613 commandments and the authorised halacha of rabbinical Judaism. Even the 10 commandments are not obligated. The disciples only began to say to keep the 7 Noachide commandments. (Acts15)

But a very special result of entering the covenant of grace is that we have got a new will and a new desire to serve the God of Israel. Then it comes to happen that a person wants to keep the law fully. Through the law he sees that he violated His goodness which he regrets. In order to get saved from the wrath of God he is going to obey the laws with a great love in his heart to do this. He is convinced by his own heart whether something is good or not. (Rom.14) But the underlying law comes always from the bible, the very word of God, which speaks to the heart. This is the voice and commandment of the Messiah. Which the called and chosen gentile heartily will obey.

How far can we serve God? So far as we know Him and His commandments. If we want to serve God and we want to get His kingdom on earth, how recommendable is it to “assist the Jews in the observance of their Torah” as Jacob Emden said. If they really come to the Torah of God they’ll come to their Messiah too, or better to say the Messiah will come to them. And to us.


April 8, 2011

Facebook and other social media are often used to get down mighty powers and authorities. As we seen in the Arabic world, people who didn’t have a voice now get attention.

Are we aware of this also happens to religion? Beyond the borders of the church is a same revolution in the make. Many young people are asking questions and find their way on facebook with fellows who understand each other.

In this way the Messianic movement is growing (with gentiles) because of a lack of goodwill of the church to restore the Hebrew roots. In stead of this they are building fences and strengthen their doctrines. Are they afraid? Why such behaviour?

I always remember a saying of the Dutch Willem Bilderdijk: “Every human might must disappear, and then the Messiah comes.” From that time on, the French Revolution, it happens.