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The Messianic age and eating pig

January 29, 2010

I read a book about the life of the Jewish Fridericus Ragstat a Weille (1648-1729). When it cames to the difficulties when he was going to become a Christian, he took some encouragement from what he said a text from some rabbinical scripture which states that in the days of the Messiah it would be even allowed to eat pork.

The writer of the book gives this reference: jalkoet chadasch,fol.182, pag.2-36. (pronounced in Dutch) I’ve looked a bit around with Google and didn’t find the resource. However I have found this: “Jalkut Kodosh” (later cited “Jalkut Kadash” and “Talkut Kadash”): Yalqut Khadash, a seventeenth-century anthology of Kabbalistic material. I don’t know if this is right hint.

I would like to read this reference to be sure of this. Maybe someone of my readers does know something about it. Where can I find/read these texts?