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Trinity questioned

February 9, 2011

The Doctrine of Trinity has been questioned and doubted as long as it  exists. Millions of books are written about it even though there’s not one text in the bible about the relationship of a threefold in the Godhead, except one doubtable.

The only text which speaks about it in a certain sense is 1John5:7. But this is not to find in the most codex, only in a few newer ones. Erasmus doesn’t have it in his Greek compiled version of 1516, but was accused by the English Edward Lee for putting the door open to Arianism. So he added the “comma Johanneum” in his third edition of the Greek NT in 1522 in order to get this version accepted by the public. An interesting research is done about this topic by Grantly Robert McDonald. His new book is: ”Raising the Ghost of Arius. Erasmus, the Johannine Comma and Religious Difference in Early Modern Europe”. Here a Dutch article of a Reformed newspaper.

This doctrine has not done much profit to the common people of the church. I heard people doubt about who to pray to, God or Jesus. If this is the result of this doctrine it would be better never heard about it. Why do theologians bring people into the scary secret things of the Godhead? Isn’t it better to stay away from it like the Jews stay away from the Kabbalah were also is spoken about three persons in the Godhead? First keep Torah, don’t begin with Kabbalah.

But we, Western people, we want to comprehend God and put him into a rational understanding. We failed! Why aren’t the words of  the witnesses of the NT sufficient like in the letter to the Hebrews what says that Jesus is “the brightness of [Gods] glory, and the express image of His existence”? (Hebr.1:3) Why just let it be the plain statement “The Lord is One”? (Deut.6:4)

God is not to understand by such a doctrines, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit” (Za.4:6) It’s my prayer that Yeshua will reveal himself plain to the heard of his people. This is the right way to knowledge.