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Those who are not called by My name – Our Place, part 11

July 12, 2012

Paul uses Isaiah 65 to prove his explanation of the verse of the song of Moses. He mentioned the opening words of this part of Isaiah’s prophecy. “I was found by those who didn’t seek me. I was revealed to those who didn’t ask for me.” (Is.65:1 as Paul cited it in Ro.10:20) This prophecy is the mirror of the verse of the song of Moses. It shows the view Paul had in mind and we can read it in the first part of chapter 65, but especially in the first verse: “I gave access to them that asked not for Me, I was at hand to them that sought Me not; I said: ‘Behold Me, behold Me’, unto a nation that was not called by My name.”

What we see here is that a nation is invited what is not called by My name. Here the gentiles are meant as many as are [to be] called. This nation, this new community is formed by means of a calling of the gentiles. Now it seems that God’s purpose has changed from the election of Israel to an election from amongst the gentiles. Now God says to the gentiles the for the Jew very known and intimate words: Hineny, Hineny! (See, here I am, Is.65:1) two times to stress its meaning. God  passes the Jew and invites the Gentile. This is not something common in scripture. Instead, it’s rather hidden, the same as sayings about the suffering Messiah. But it still is there and this is what Paul used and explained to make his religion as it were for the gentiles. This is not an invention of Paul, he sees it happen that the gentiles receive the Holy Spirit (glory/presence of God) and the revelation of God through Christ. After he first extraordinary saw a revelation of the Messiah.

Again, not that there is one great gentile nation now what obeys God in the true manner. John said that there will be soon an antichrist power what will dominate. So the common gentiles are not the community called by God. The greatest church power is dominated by Roman rules, and not by the true Messianic King. True hearts who have the true King, are walking the way of the suffering servant. (And are certainly not anti semitic…)

God goes on through the words of Isaiah to depict Israel as a sinful nation. Behold it is described before Me (Is.65:6) As it is in the curses in Deu.28 However there’s a remnant (65:8-10) what will be rewarded with a possession of the land. But those who have forsaken God will be punished. (65:11-12)

Then verse 15 tells us something special. And ye shall leave your name for a curse unto Mine elect: ‘So may the Lord GOD slay thee’; but He shall call His servants by another name. It says your (the Jews) name will be a curse for the chosen ones (as many as are called from the gentiles). Who are the chosen ones? Those who became a servant of God and his Messiah Jesus. But His servants will be recalled with a different name. Namely: Christians. They are set apart from Jewishkeit. They didn’t hear the Torah. They bear a different burden, the “cross” what means that they become a servant like their Master, a suffering servant. They learn the Torah while “standing on one foot”: Love.# They suffer because they are hated by the world, and because the fight against selfishness and the devil.

This community is Greek and Western colored, not Hebrew. The Hebrews or Jews are colored by the Talmud, the Torah covenant and scriptures.They have a considerable distance from Christ. For a long period of nearly 2000 years already. But the last hundred years are turning. After many Jews assimilate in Europe, the greatest tragedy happened. Then they were drawn back to Torah and also the country was prepared, albeit secular. Now time is running out and obviously things are being prepared for the great meeting of the Messiah.

Because in the end, in the Messianic Age, we would reach another state of being. For behold. I’m creating new heavens and a new earth. The wolf and the lamb will gaze as one”  See also Is.66, the second part which ends with:  And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD.

Isaiah 65 shows us the preparation of the Kingdom of God were the gentiles are called to join since the Messiah has come and fulfilled all the necessary things to get everyone, from the end of the world, in the glory of God, the eternal life and the complete salvation. On the other side it shows the wrath of God on the godliness people. And if the wrath appears on the chosen ones, how much more would it poured out on all the gentiles who didn’t hear the good message of peace and didn’t repent before the merciful King!