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a new book in the making: Our Place

November 7, 2012

Fine readers,

I didn’t write for a few months on my blog. I’m happy to be here again and to let you know that I wrote a book based on the last post about Our Place. I called the book Our Place and it’s about the place of the Gentiles in the community of Israel.

I picked up Romans 9-11 and the Song of Moses. An important verse of that song (Deut.32:21) speaks about a “no-people” which are the Gentiles. Paul quoted this verse in Romans 10:19. This points us to how to read the Song of Moses, that there would be a “time of the Gentiles”. I all put it down in one book now and I hope it is available within a week or 4.

This is the Table of Contents:

Our place in God’s calling with respect to the Jews
We as gentiles
Our place distinguished from the Jews
What is righteous before God
The hidden Messiah
Do we need conversion?
Our place in covenantal relationships
Paul’s “grafted in” analogy
Paul’s message to the gentiles about the Jews
Romans 9-11, Opening statement
Romans 9-11, Faith brings righteousness for Jew and Gentile
Romans 9-11, grace for Gentiles
Romans 9-11, The beginning of the Age of the gentiles
Romans 9-11, a no-people: the church emerged
Romans 9-11, the warning
The Song of Moses
The Song of Moses, God chooses a no-people
The Song of Moses, Jealousy
The Song of Moses, Those who are not called by My name
The Song of Moses, The analogy of Hosea
The Song of Moses, The time of the Gentiles
The Song of Moses, A no-people as oppressors of the Jews
The Song of Moses, The return of the Jews and the retaliation of the no-people
Our time
As many as the Lord our God calls
Am I different than a Jew? – a conclusion
Our place in the world-to-come


I’ll keep you updated,